That Evening

As we relaxed in easy chairs,
And heard each other - yet did not,
We recounted our past loves again
And sipping beer
did drink nostalgia down,
'Til drunk on our thoughts
did draw together.

For you did smell the scent of roses
From the window, and I did smell
The pipe smoke in his room,
And we wondered, didn't we?

For basking in the warmth of memories
Our present pains were eased,
And through a common bond of weakness
Did embrace so tenderly.

In that fettered time emerged a friendship,
No longer chrysalis-confined,
But past-regardless, necessary,
Testing its wings so trepidly
Did fly into the waiting light.

by Philippa Lane

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Comments (1)

I like the sentiment of this poem - two people brought closer through recounting past loves - but my car swerved off the road in the last stanza. I think I sort of know what 'chrysalis-confined' refers to - that the friendship is no longer at a limited early stage, right? - but I couldn't figure out 'But past-regardless, necessary.' And I had to veer around your new word 'trepidly.' Good job, though.