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That First Kiss, That First Hug... My Love
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That First Kiss, That First Hug... My Love

Its love that brought us to be together and for each other;
I still remember the day we met; the way we
held our hands and strolled by the sea,
that day is still as new as today and 'll remain that way forever;

It was the first kiss we shared;
I saw that blush in your face,
could feel the rush of your blood and your heart's race-
I knew you loved me and for me you cared

the first time when I hugged and caressed you-
a feeling it was, so splendid, so passionate,
that brought us closer a bit further,
a bit more and raised our loves quotient-
that first hug, that caress,
etched in my heart will remain there forever, I knew;

its not the way we did or do things, its rather the love itself-
that has kept us bound by this loving bind;
who says love's nothing, love's blind-
its all about loving the other as loving thyself.

Love you my loving you

- to my love...

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Amazing poem it clearly give u the vision of love nice poem keep writing writing