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That First Sin
GS (April 7 1936 / Moe Victoria Australia)

That First Sin

Poem By George Savige

When God made man, He said to him,
You ought not be alone.
And so then God created Eve
For Adams very own.

He put them in a garden
Known as Eden to us now.
Then told them of the fruits to eat,
And those He'd not allow.

Some time went by and all was well,
With not a thought of sin.
But Satan watched this happy pair,
Determined he would win.

A serpent came and spoke to Eve,
And looked her in the eyes.
He spoke about a certain tree,
And told horrendous lies.

So she decided to be bold,
To take a bite, and see
If what the serpent said was true
About this special tree.

With outstretched hand
She took the fruit,
And tasted; it was nice.
And that is when it all began,
This sinful lust and vice.

But Jesus came on earth to die,
A sacrifice for man,
And crucified upon a cross,
Fulfilled His awful plan.

He lives again, with God above,
Prepares for us a home.
And we can go to live with Him,
For He has made it known.

If we confess to him our sins,
He'll wash them all away.
Then hand in hand we'll walk with Him
Through each and every day.

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Wow so well written........