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That First Sip
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That First Sip

The taste rarely leaves your lips
Of your first gulp of your first drink
But you rarely realize it
Because it's the first time you've used this drug to swallow the pain already inside
With each gulp your true pain is buried a little deeper inside until you can't stop digging

With the first night you see nothing wrong
Til you walk with a limp
And speak with a lisp
All because you couldn't say what was wrong
Now as you sit you can lick you lips and feel the sting,
Taste the taste of your first drink
A scent that now lingers as you think back and remember how harmless it use to be
When you could control all that you wanted to be

Your first taste of your first gulp of your first drink
Is forgotten all too quickly
but your last taste of your laste drink is all you can remember now as you promise yourself you're on the straight and narrow

Just remember the first taste of your first drink
It probably wasn't too sweet
You were curious an anxious and tried it and probably didn't like it
But through time you grew accustomed to the taste that has now stained your lips
Always leaving you anxious for the next sip

oh the dangerous than can be caused from that first sip of the first gulp of liquor you ever taste..........

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Comments (2)

Thanks so much Jane! I don't drink either but I hoped to effectively capture the pain and turmoil that goes on with alcoholism based on what I've noticed from others. I've seen this struggle when everything goes downhill and you don't even realize when. Before you know it your first sip has stained your lips. I hope i did that well.
Wow, I love it. I've never done this before, but I've always heard that you can never get the sensation of what it was like the first time. I think you really captured that idea well and showed how it can trap you into the cycle of trying to reach something you will never get. I love the second to last stanza! Like I said I've haven't drinken, but it sounds so true! I also love how you told this story. How someone started off drinking to push away the pain and had to keep drinking to keep holding back the pain and possibly even to hold back new pains found through drinking. I love it. And I love how you keep mentioning the first sip. Splendid work!