That Girl

yur special, yur great, yur thoughts, yur waist
yur beauty, yur feelings, cuz of u im livin
yur beliefs, yur time, yur reliefs, yur mine
yur classy, yur wonderful, me n u incredible

yur touch, yur trust, yur rush, yur lust
yur wantings, yur longings, yur callings, yur fondings
yur sweet, yur peepz, its time we meet
yur worries, yur fair, yur honest, yur rare

yur intent, yur crest, we're meant, yur mess
yur hopes, yur dreams, yur instinct, yur means
yur days, yur plays, yur games, yur made
yur picture, yur fixture, foreva im witcha

yur precious, yur kisses, yur luscious, yur wishes
yur justice, yur focus, you are my misses
yur all i need, yur all i see
forever it seems jus u and me

by ManYo Da BayB Prince

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