MF (7-26 / new orleans)

That Girl

I wanna be the pillow she holds close: just so I can be in her arms.
I wanna be the security system her fingers caress when she gets home: just so I can keep her safe.
I wanna be the flowers she gets on her doorstep: just so I can be appreciated.
I wanna be the umbrella she works like a model: just so I can protect her from the storms of life.
I wanna be the postman who delivers her mail: just so she'll think I'm dependable.
I wanna be the boy she cries about: just to know I mean something to her.
I wanna be the lie she tells to herself every morning when she says she's okay: just because she's so familiar with it.
I wanna be everything I'm not: just so she'll notice me.
We're just two connecting pieces in a puzzle, peanut butter & jelly on a piece of bread, and icy water and a sweating boy on a summer's day.
She just doesn't know it yet.

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My goodness. This is really sweet and creative.