Elena Passarello

A woman of a thin stature,
A pretty face and pretty eyes,
A warm smile, a contagious laugh,
A melodic voice and a deeper understanding,
Elena Passarello- essayist extraordinaire-
Is an author and an actress of extreme talent.
As she writes, she acts at the same time,
And she gives her public readings energetically,
Sharing her essays theatrically like those
Of David Sedaris, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many others.

She engages her audience much like Dickens did
As he gave his public readings so long ago
During the Victorian Era in England
When he was still alive.
She acts out her part, screams when she must,
Heightens emotions when she needs to,
Intensifies the suspense in the audience,
Provokes anger and sadness and despair
Whenever she deems it necessary,
And explains everything precisely.

She is quick-witted and jocose,
Engaging the audience in laughter,
Letting them in on inside jokes,
And exploring their sense of humour and understanding,
Helping them see the world in a different way than
They may have experienced before.
Her speech is long, melodic, and euphonious,
Engaging the reader and the listener alike
In every inch of her creativity and compassion.
Yet, she is empathetic and compassionate
As she can understand the writer who seeks her guidance,
For she knows them certainly and never backs away
From them as they seek her help.
She is a mentor, an actress, an author, and a thespian,
All combined to make one of the greatest writers
The world has ever known.

by Justin Reamer

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My goodness. This is really sweet and creative.