That Good Shepherd

Poem By Michael Walkerjohn

How high, do turkey’ fly?
when compared
to the flight of an Eagle
the Albatross, a Drone
or an Angel?
And you… that human ‘being’
landed, grounded, static, laughable
pathetic; barely out of diapers, dumps
of carbon based tissue and salt water…
Utilizing an average of three percent of
your supposed and assumed ‘brain’s power’
and this barely keeps you breathing; and
therefore in simplistic definition
a coherent living organism!
As breathing appears
to be the much of nothing
that you each consider as the
number one definition of being conscious
of this predicament which is considered so…
So much of one’s surreal exist, that
one chance in your circumstance
a minute perchance, of living; if you will
in thought filled common sense…
Realize as a beginning, an ending
and more than just what or whom it is
you each think your selves to be…
“To be, or naught”
to think of thoughts, such as
‘how high do turkey’ fly’?
An eagle, an albatross, a drone; one angel
sitting together around a round table
watching turkeys fly…
Metaphor, hyperbole, analogy
just how high does one have to be
to visualize, just visualize, what this
maybe, brings one to see that darkening
parody, or paradox, or ‘Pandora’s Box’
or thinking’s pox…
Hoax, pun, scoff, or knock
does one awake and contemplate
or sleep and bleat as goats and sheep
when the shepherd is away
way further than what safety brings to
your contentment, calm, and munching’s ‘Zen’
a chew or two without fear, anxiety, or sin
when ‘that shepherd’ is without our within…
Turkey’ fly, Eagle’ soar, the Albatross glides
a Drone kills; that Angel peers
at the each of you human’ being
doing, acting; knowing that
oh so soon, that the laughable
pathetic, carbon based tissue
barely alive and breathing
mostly unconscious and behaving
chaotically and in a darkness of thoughtfulness
never reaching for togetherness
alone within a self-prophesied circumstance
have one last chance to return your selves
to the ideal of simple common sense
and realize that beginning, end, and happenstance
is within your selves, within your tinge
within your minds; and end your sins…
How high do turkey’ fly?

Comments about That Good Shepherd

Aloha Kumarmani... Thank you for this visit, read, and for your enthusiastic comments... This post is a bit loose, penned on this laundry day after an early am conversation at the local coffee shop... funny how it is that these beings here prefer wax in their morning 'cup of joe'... I opt for the 'house cups', or a water glass to have my brew poured into... I offer to you my works of words to peruse and to utilize as you will... within the organization of words that work well together is thought that does so too... as the teacher... one must utilize all of your tools to convince a loose mind that together, thought is more powerful... with so much more potential... and do we ever as a species need to use our words together and well in the days and times... I trust that you understand how I work my gifts and that the use of these words when combined with your thoughts and words may... make a difference in your ability to further your works... I do hope that the thought provoking sharing you mention is contagious... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two
Wow, really very amazing expression and thought provoking sharing...10

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