That Guy

The guy who stares at me when I smile
Who makes me laugh when sees me crying
The guy who sings to me
And writes a funny poem just to impress me
The guy who tells me I'm beautiful
And tells me when I look bad
The guy who laughs at my silliest jokes
And handles my drama no matter how stupid
The guy who answers all my nonsense
Who makes me realize how much I mean to him
The guy who falls for me over and over again
He who brushes the hair out of my eyes
The guy who is ready to face the world with me
Or drop everything in hand to come see me
The guy who tells me everything
And he who knows everything about me
The guy who wishes me first on my birthday
And buys me ice cream for no reason
The guy who loses every bet to make me happy
And wins every time to win my heart
The guy who does not make me his princess
But the one who considers me his world
The guy who knows my words
And understands my silence
The guy who leaves me alone when I need it
But also holds my hand when I need it
The guy who holds me like I'm the last thing to hold on to
Or he who lets me go for my good
The guy who blushes when our hands touch each other's when we walk
The one who talks to me all night
The guy who tries to cook for me
And he who buys me a gift at any random time
The guy who loves me with all his heart
Would you be that guy to me?

by Juilee Kamble

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