(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That Has Yet To Happen

Do me a favor.

I'm here for you.'

Don't do me anymore favors.
That's the favor I am requesting.
Everytime you have been here for me,
Why is it I have to remind you...
Of a favor you promised to do,
That has yet to happen?

'So what are you saying?
The excuses I used,
Were not good enough for you?
And I went out of my way,
To choose the best ones I could?

You don't have to worry about me,
Ever doing you a favor again.
People like you are not worth my time.
And are so ungrateful.'

I know.
It's difficult for me,
To not think of myself all the time.

'I'm glad you can see how selfish you can be.'

I'm reminded.

It's not all about you,
You know.
I have a life to live too.'

I'm reminded.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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