That High Horse Of Yours

Asking to be humiliated,
For the purpose to experience...
Humility and its effects,
May attract volunteers...
Happy to leave one weeping in tears.

But humility to have is seldom asked.
To believe being humiliated,
Will also leave anyone knowing...
The meaning of being humble,
To enable the hiding of noticed ego.

'You want me to 'humiliate' you?
For the purpose to accomplish what? '

~I have been told I control my ego.
And I want it proven,
My ego has nothing to do with it.
Although I will admit,
I 'may' be overdosed with self-confidence.~

'I see.
And how do you suggest I humiliate you? '

~That's my dilemma.
Do something to help me recognize it.
Then after it is done,
Help me to deliver my best reaction.
I want to show I know how to be humble.~

'I'm sorry.
I aint got that much time.
But I will suggest,
And if it is at all a possibility...
To try lowering your expectations.
Chop down that high horse of yours,
A notch or two.
Better yet...
Just get off of it.'

~Are you kidding?
I'm not trying to 'stay' humiliated.
I just want to show,
I can be humble now and then.
You know...
With a little humility I can practice.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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