That Illness Is Obvious And Can Be Easily Cured

Perhaps in one's mind,
They would like to see things...
Remain the same,

But the fact of the matter is...
From birth to childhood,
Nothing stays as it is!

And 'something' in the heads,
Of adults should click!
If Mother Nature sees to it,
That everything changes...
Why is anyone living to breathe air,
Upset with anything...
That is not permanently fixed?

And a lack of comprehension...
Stays trapped inside of a mindset like that.

There is no sense in researching,
For the beginnings of confusion!
That illness is obvious and can be easily cured.
No one should be looking too far,
For the reason and cause of their problems!
That implementation was created,
For mankind 'alone' to ensure this endures!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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