That 'Is' A Nice Car

The one thing that having more money,
Than others does...
Is to prove one can flaunt and tease.
And with a belief in the doing,
A shown jealousy increases.
To allow that one an opportunity,
An attention to get to boost an ego.
Especially in places small enough,
One wearing a new pair of sox is noticed.
And folks becomes fixed with eyes focused quick,
Of someone stopping every few blocks...
To wipe off collected dust on a brand new car,
Just a few minutes ago...
Everyone saw the owner wax after it was washed.

'That 'is' a nice car.
Perhaps we should wave at the driver,
The next time we see it.'

~It is.
But if I had it...
I would spend more money on gas,
To travel and not to waste.
Than running it through the car wash,
Every twenty minutes...
Just to drive around a few blocks,
As if in a parade to get us to wave.~

'Maybe they just got it.'

~Isn't that obvious? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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