That Is All I Ask Of You

I gained more from my inability,
To press forward with a self centeredness.
When my obsession with correctness left...
I realized what I possessed,
Was the power of forgiveness!

I had to forgive myself,
For wishing to please an ego teased.
To share with others my perceived good deeds.
And to see my accomplishments ablaze in spotlight!
Knowing I felt inside a missed insight!
As I used my gifts and talents for my own delight.
And I awakened one day feeling that was not right.

I prayed and asked to be delivered from this.
And I was laid away for months...
Feeling alone in a helplessness.
I told God I was ready.
I was through!
And I was sent a message...
'You are there because of 'ME'.
Allow Me to use you!
That is all I ask of you.
And I will fulfill all of your desires.
I promise.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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