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That Is Life
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

That Is Life

Every woman should have a ring on her finger
Every man should be a shower singer,
Every adult should have himself a husband or a wife
But, of course that is not life.

No person should ever be in the cold begging for bread
No child should ever cry for not being fed,
No one should have to worry about the world and its strife
But, of course that is life.

Some people will seek out either war or peace
Some people will find a dime on a corner their luck does not cease,
Some people will carve their future out with only a pocketknife
But, of course that is their life.

Randy L. McClave

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Comments (2)

A true to life poem. Thanks for sharing.
A very enjoyable poem. I especially like the line about carving a future with a pocketknife. Thanks for posting this.