That Is Not An Offer

How can you say,
With 'me' you have been direct?
I find you too convoluted.
Too introspective.
Too self involved with issues,
You have protected.

And you wish me to be the one you select...
To find you irresistible?
As if I'm seeking someone...
With looks and no depth?
Those days for me have long 'petered out'.

I use to have a pet!
But today I'll settle for all the peace of mind I can get.
And chasing behind mysteries...
I'd rather leave alone to be drama free.

Do you see how clear my eyes are?
You will not find them clouded with doubt!
Or vacantly awaiting for an occupation,
Of your BS planted to upset.
That will be a bet made you lose.

You will not find strategic steps of your 'mess'
Accepted here to endear to leave confusion.
And that is not an offer.
That is a conclusion.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

A very clear picture of what one does not want when you have been through so much & finally found a peaceful existence & happiness with self. Don't want anyone to upset the applecart but alas - life is rarely like that :)