That Is Not Me!

I am not me can't you see,
today I wear my Mask.
I have this task to wear several Masks, if I have to!
I put one on,
to protect me from everyday's evil life's goings-on.
I don't necessarily need a Mask,
a paintbrush will do.
To paint myself the way you want me to!
You never will see the real me.
My mask, my paintbrush are vital to me,
so you can't see the real me!
What are we fighting for! Rage, Hate, this is just the start,
Bombs, shooting is every days part.
Nobody really cares, in my days we did not look the other way.
What are we fighting for, we sang in the days of Vietnam.
Nutty people they called us, till they saw what came!
Unity, Protest of Violence and Hate.
Most People today doing just the same as in Nam,
they take the Politician's bait.
What does it take to stop the Hate!
I ask myself again, look around "What are we fighting for,"
this is not Nam.
Everyday people Die, ask yourself why?
Do you still care?
Or is your heart empty and bare,
from greed for wealth, disregarding Love,
which is Unity, Peace and Health!

by Marika Austin

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