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That Is Not Positive Feedback
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That Is Not Positive Feedback

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

We've been extremely successful,
In isolating ourselves...
With a creation of a lifestyle,
That best reflects 'our' values and traditions.
Returning back to standards 'we' believe in!
Ensuring that it stays and remains that way.

Now that we have been undoubtedly successful,
In removing certain elements...
From our interpretation of 'success'.
With a separatist menatality!
Can anyone here 'volunteer'...
WHY does there seem to remain with us,
Conflict and undenied confusion? !

I would like to respond.'

That's great.
Someone with positive feedback.
By all means...
Let us hear your recommendations and suggestions.

And I say this only because I want us 'all' to comprehend.'

Yes, yes, yes.
Take your time...
It is wonderful to have the young participating,
In our decision making process for a change.
I apologize...

The real reason 'why' we are still bombarded,
With an affliction of chaos, conflict and indifference...
Just 'maybe' WE are the cause of it!
With our unreasonable stubbornness.
And a total lack of a willingness to listen! '

Young man...
That is 'not' positive feedback at all!
Let me make this very clear.
Only those caring to share POSITIVE feedback,
Will be given the floor.
Sit down

Anyone else?
With 'positive' feedback?

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