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That 'Is' Some Form Of Forgiveness
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That 'Is' Some Form Of Forgiveness

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Those who unknowingly,
Rally around the ones who have lied...
And found themselves supporters of a deceit,
Are equally as quilty...
Of destroying others' lives.
With such an ambitious thoroughness.

Inflicting isolation upon others,
Because of what has been heard...
And prefabricated for selfish purposes,
Results in feelings of guilt.

And when the ones who have been victimized...
Have no desire to be around those who have acquired,
A following by deceit that has left them depleted...
Of doing another good deed.
It becomes discovered the extent of the damage done.
And a forgetting with a forgiveness,
Is not part of the mix.
No matter what the wholesome belief,
Of turning the other cheek may be.

'Do what?
After years of them actively participating,
In the ruining of my life?
With statements they've made,
That they have made mistakes?
And we are all human?
What an awakening!
My eyes are beginning to moist.

We must be on camera?
Are we on camera?

I've done something better.
I've removed them completely from memory.
In my mind they do not exist.
I guess that 'is' some form of forgiveness.
Isn't it? '

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