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That Joke Told To Tell
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That Joke Told To Tell

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The joke thought funny as told.
And easy to tell on someone else,
Becomes less humorous...
When the laughter heard is coming,
From the one thought would be provoked.
But instead their laughter becomes louder,
To silence and quiet folks to leave them...
Wondering what reason could someone have,
To find such a joke told to tell...
Meant to embarrass and harrass,
That leaves the one who laughs...
The only one left to enjoy every moment of it.
What agenda could they possibly keep secret,
That no one perceives or believe can be revealed?
And that joke told to tell and thought funny...
Is really on who?
Who will end up the one in agony?

'Everyone heard and got the joke.
And thought it funny.
But why is 'he' laughing to leave us to stop? '

~It wasn't meant for 'him' to find it funny.
Or meant for us to wipe away tears.
Perhaps he knew this AND the 'punchline'.
To find us the ones who would become hysterical.~

'I don't like this game.'

~Someone apparently does.~

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