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That Key In My Door For You Will Never Fit
( / Connecticut)

That Key In My Door For You Will Never Fit

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Someone gave you a key,
And you believe it fits this lock?
What else were you told?
That you can come and go...
And take from my backyard,
What you choose to then leave?
Your approach is very bold.
But I'm not hooked on watching TV.

You might as well add me to your enemy list.
There is a limit to your opportunities.
And that key in my door,
For you will never fit.

Let me point out this...
You see those people,
Hanging around over there in the streets?
The ones moaning about their entitlements?
And the diminishing of empathy,
They get from others concerning their needs.
Try that key business on them.
Trust me.
From them you can take away everything.
Just tell them what you want them to believe.

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