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(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Banjo Paterson

We have tried everything in our power,
To ween them away from gluttony...
And their feelings of being entitled,
To devour selfishly...
As if they are the chosen ones,
To graze and feed an endless greed.

'mmm...I see.
Have you tried using guilt?
Sometimes people aren't aware,
They are hypocrites.'

We've introduced diets.

'I was going to suggest lobotomies.
But go on.'

Nothing can convince them,
Their feeding of greed is an economic disaster.

Where is the problem? '

We wish to prevent this disaster.

'Really? That's funny.
My grandfather believed,
Lessons taught was with a strap felt on the butt.'

That kind of action is against the law.

Keep sugarizing them to sustain them in fantasy.
Eventually the taste for greeding will exhaust the supply.
That's a given.'

You don't think hypnotism will work?

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