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That Kind Of Dude
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That Kind Of Dude

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Who wants to be that kind dude.
Known to give,
A mood with unpredictable attitude.
And known to give it,
With hot homemade chips.
Mixed to taste served slick and quick.
Although smooth and known to give it,
While licking slowly lips to kiss.
Would choose,
And want to be that dude.

Who would want to be that kind of dude.
Impeccably dressed.
And good-looking too!
Straight up, truthful.
And known to give it cool.
With an identity so confident,
To learn this from urban streets.
And not from books,
Assigned to read in schools.
Who would want to be that kind of dude.
Sometimes obnoxious.
Standoffish, rude and cynical too.
Who would choose to be,
Kept respected for detected integrity.
And shown to give it,
To others whether they accept or reject.
Who would want to be that kind of dude.
Known to have it shown,
He gives more not less of himself.
In public.
But privately...
His choice is to be left alone.

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