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That Kiss
SF (April 22 / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

That Kiss

Poem By Sandra Finch

That Kiss
Time stands still. There you are,
Holding me, Kissing me, Loving me.
I never felt more loved in my life!
A moment to cherish forever.
Real or not, it doesn't matter,
You, only you, hold the key to my heart.
That kiss, the most significant moment
of my life, a fleeting second in time
that changed my life forever.
That Kiss.
Was this just a fantasy, a wish, a dream?
A moment that holds my heart as
tight as a vise. A moment etched
forever into my memory. It feels so real.
My skin shivers at your touch.
Then, as you lean down to gently
kiss my lips again, the alarm awakens me.
My fantasy, My wish, My dream.
That Kiss.

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