(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That Lesson Has Been Learned

If anything you have ever done,
Has been to benefit someone else...
Without wanting to expect,
Something in return.
That lesson has been learned.

If ends to meet are difficult to achieve,
And your last dollar is given...
To another unknown met on the street,
You determine has more of a need.
Blessings come for you to receive.
At the time nickels, dimes and pennies,
Are pinched beyond them being squeezed.
Faith to keep has its rewards.

So many are living in selfish bubbles.
Complaining to moan about their daily troubles.
Trying to maintain their impressions made obtained.
So many are living with wishes for more greed.
To never know what it's like to live in poverty.
Or wanting just a bite to eat.
With hopes to find somewhere to sleep.

If ends to meet are difficult to achieve.
And you are that one to give,
Your last dollar to another in need.
Blessings come for you to receive.

So many who claim they have faith religiously,
Are the first to be heard...
How they struggle on a daily basis.
With hopes to obtain a happiness,
They can not get or afford.
To find it too late to learn,
Lessons they've ignored.

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