That Lonely Tree

there is that tall tree
in the garden that
gnaws at my loneliness

the tree that looms
into sky and my heart
with a chilling quietness
that cries that
'it has gone on for too long'.

here, crickets and all
kinds of birds
call home celebrating it
with their chirps and shrills
by morn, by night

they hit at all these
painful drums of
emptiness within me

the children used
to run round
a little tree
like friend it
welcomed them
with its protruding
hands and carresses
twisting with them
as they played hide and seek

now the tree like me
is holding its own dream
in the mist, in the sun,
in the rain, and the dark dark night

the dream that someone
would come again
running round us
putting back the laughter
the twist and dance in our existence

by john tiong chunghoo

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