That Look In Her Eyes

She was intelligent and beautiful inside
You sent her to me to give meaning to my life
I fought her off but there was no defense
‘Cause this is the way you wanted it

The place we met, through friends of ours
The distant we kept, did not help
We seldom spoke and when we did
The languages were different, so I pretended

One day during Christmas week
You sent her back but not to keep
In a medium length black dress
With time spent at the beach
Her face all tanned nice and brown

I did not see her at first but she did me
Walking right up, threw open her hands
And said, chico que pasa?
Don’t you recognize me?

Now I do and was I surprised
Not by her statement
Or her presence in general
Only by the look in her eyes

It was the look of a jealous girlfriend
Waiting for an explanation from her man
After he had been caught with another lady
With the goods in his hands
At a Christmas party we were
And I was dancing with a friend
But why should she care
I didn’t really know her then

That weekend was short
For I was only visiting
I saw her once more and
We dined and danced

Nothing more was said
No long good byes
We never even talked
But I can’t forget that look
In her eyes

by Murphy Payne

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