(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

That Magical Bubble [revised]

Mother played my favourite songs - a magical few
hours, I was twelve years old again, sang “Evening
bells tolling in the distance” in wonderful acoustics
of the chapel - we went through the old Psalm book
and Hallelujah too, songs we learned in high school,
every week a new song learned by heart

It was surreal, I was proud of my high school, like a
favourite storybook, enjoyed the discipline – today
we had a special time together, focused, contented,
delight in trying to create sweet, rounded, vibrating
sound – but before we started on the songs, I was
irritated by mother’s inquisition, and stubborn

Insistence she was right, though I had evidence to
the contrary in my hands; as long as mother plays
the piano and I can sing in the chapel – no-one else
there – we can be happy together; we delight in each
other’s company, wish we could stay in that magical
bubble forever…


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