CW ( / Central west of New South Wales, Australia.)

That Magical Magnet.

At our first greeting I saw your beaming smile and your nervous fear,
and when we did next meet eye to eye, we hugged warmly and near.
You captured my fragile heart as it jumped - and skipped a beat
or two, and your face went crimson from hot blood – much heat.

I couldn't imagine why such strong a man could go pink and blush,
and I didn't care as I savored the feelings, and this island did hush.
My hand met yours – it seemed the only natural thing to do
for me and you – I loved the feeling of being so near to you.

It was a magical magnet of which I had no control,
so comfortable and automatic without feeling bold.
Your body looked tall, handsome, and ever so strong,
and briefly I wondered, 'could we ever really belong? '

You chose for us two, with our great meal, a fine wine,
and we softly touched hands and hearts, as we did dine.
I sensed you – and of where in your past you'd been
and we understood much, without ever having seen.

I was more than happy to hear your heart-warming words,
as now the sweet sounding songs of animals and the birds.
The ocean waves splash and as they crash to the warm sand
as I think of how we were so excitingly together, hand in hand.

More sparkling bubbles continue to fill my arteries and veins
and many wonderful feelings my soft heart so willingly gains.
I thank God for allowing you to come into my life and heart,
you are a wonderful treasure to me - a masterpiece of fine art.

Colleen Wright. T.G. © 4.08.2006

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