That Man, Ego Made

Craving for victory
And Chasing for fame,
Thought only of power
And labored for name.

Soaring up above &
Keeping head high.
Not humble as ever
And rude was reply.

Riding for Zenith
And dreaming Sky,
Not knowing to walk
Knows only to fly.

A Hurricane is Fast
and River is slow,
But which last longer
A Gusting or flow?

Victory Important
Defeat is but must,
It makes you polite
& humble Just trust.

I saw him broken
At coming not first,
Could not accepted
He could not adjust.

Enjoying the Success
AndPower, Speed,
Not agreed for failure
He did not accede.

Not rooted on soil
On ground so fade.
Not pliant, so shaken
That man, Ego Made.

All Rights Reserved

by Ajay Amitabh Suman

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