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That Mask One Wears
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That Mask One Wears

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It doesn't matter what name is claimed,
Or fame gained by what is done one does.
It doesn't matter what heights sought and reached,
Or lessons taught by the best of teachers...
To seek those dreams upon us to be bestowed.
As each one of us may 'say' we keep pursued,
With a masquerading of recited prayer done to do.
Like one going through motions without insight.
If nothing is there to be felt from the start,
It will show no matter how blemishes are glamorized.

It doesn't matter what religious affiliation maintained.
Or faith said to have that really isn't there sustained.
One thing is for certain lessons learned must be kept.
If a demon is allowed to become attached to one's back...
It doesn't matter who one becomes or where one is at.
Getting rid of that demon takes much more than pretense.
Or charading beliefs one keeps to convince in public acts.
Getting rid of any demon is difficult to detach.
And that mask one wears to cover one's heart to deceive facts,
Does not prevent a demon from its ride.

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