That Moment

The sky that morning took my breath far from me,
Purple, blue, and yellow as far as the eye could see.
Sun rises after rainfall and left this moment in time,
Fate created this moment for poetry and rhyme.
The rain swept concrete and water drenched grass.
So slippery a nuisance ignored by the mass.
In other sights, ground bright by lights avoids dull.
Grass gleams so perfect as if painted by an angel.
Puddles gather and collect in mass,
Almost as wet as the drenched floor and grass.
In the silence of students how'ver,
The ponds more quietly, silky, loud with power.
In the silence of students, too;
The droplets of water sing melodies so true,
Drip! Drop! Drip! Drop! G...B...A...
Hauntingly beautiful leave me nothing to say.
I walked that morning through my school so cold.
Thought not of poetry, time, or misconceptions of mine,
But I was stunned still at the beauty around.
I thought of you and lost myself,
If even for just that moment.

by Mark Ruiz

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