That New Car Smell

Poem By T H Black

That new car smell is gone
The leather now has sticky spots
My machine once brand-spanking new
Now is brand spanking not.
Drove it across the mountains
Drove up the state
Drove it early
Drove it late
Children pressed their noses
up against the glass
kitty coughed up hairballs;
doggy licked his ass.

The new car smell is gone-
the windows are all spotted
bug corpses line the headlights
where their war dead are now rotted.

Merged with traffic,
braked at intersections.
Stopped for a Yoohoo,
Asked for directions.
Had arguments in the front,
threw burger wrappers to the back.
Cursed at the women drivers
Prayed by the railroad track

The new car smell is gone-
I'm left with periodic payments;
monthly bills from the note-holder
grow a drawer-full of statements.

Write checks for the miles-
That I drive in it;
Twelve hundred and fifty
Over the allotted limit.
Funds go a dwindling
by the thirtieth or thirty first
when roads are the bumpiest-
and potholes are the worst.

So, the new car smell is gone
Go get some at Auto Market
Spray it on the dashboard
and soak it in the carpet.
Drive it to distraction;
Drive it to drink
Drive it to forget things;
Drive it to think.
Change the radio settings,
Call someone on the cel.
Find Heaven on the roadmap
Take wrong-turns into Hell.

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