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That Night
CT (July 13,1993 / Missoula, Montana)

That Night

It was dark and poring rain outside
A perfect night for sorrow to come
Inside children and teenagers ran about trying to fine things to do to keep their minds of what is going on
Adults sat trying to be supportive and strong to each other
All was afraid this was the night
The very night a love on would be lost
From the deadly cancer

The son goes out, but none can comfort him even as the two try
They leave him, not able to comfort him, standing in the rain
There is still hope

The children are to leave
Even as one hates to
She begs to not make her
Crying she does
For she is afraid it will be her last time to see her uncle
That she so dearly loves
But she still has to leave
With only the promise to come back in the morning

Everyone crammed in his room
All a sleep except for two
The two got to witness something special that night
Something that no one was able to witness

Something Indescribable
Him talking to God

That morning he died
He went home
An uncle, father, brother and son
All was desperate
The girl crushed that her uncle died
Her mother made her leave
Betray, mad and sorrow she felt

I was that girl who’s uncle died

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