That Night

It was a cold, shifty evening that night.
I had no jacket, because you had it on.
You held it tight.
I held you tight.

If there was any day
I wished you would be mine
It was the night before...
where I was awake in my sleep
dreaming still of our time.

It was my courageous movement
To finally take your hand
But I wasnt thinking...
How you would be still there
for months on end.

I felt like a mountain,
high and mighty indeed.
You told me to get up
You told me You loved me.

I felt like one with the rest of my
Nothing could scrape the bottom of my feet,
I was so high. You put me up there.
You put me up to
something i
just couldnt handle.

I thought I was doing right
I thought I was a right person.
I have to find someone who matches
how you cared about me.
How you felt about me...
Because any other just
wont feel right.

So now im up high
im with my friends.
My mind wont escape...
About our very last kiss.
My hands wont dispose
of your memories.
My eyes wont be so
pretty brown.
But they will hold back your
tears for a lifetime.

I dont want to know
any more than what i was
Ive been here before,
the story is too old.

You took your heart back easy,
but you never understood
how hard mine fell.
I once told you it was delicate,
but it can take the truth.
That's what I put it back
together to do.

So itll be a warm, muggy night
I dont need a fuckin' jacket.

by Houston Needham

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