VB ( / Texas)

That Night

It's becoming more evident.
Much more obvious to me.
That you liked it.
An you thought i did to.

This was BIG that night
Thinking to Myself you cared ABOUT ME
Was I yours
My heart open and bared it to you
but you stilll did it anyway

With me left there still thinking
Was that FALSE, Was that TRUE
So puzzling and so complex but so TRUE
I’m left to await the end of that night

On my heart strings you played
Each of us left with a memory of that night
Yet I still have questions
Did you ever think about me that night? ? ? ? ? ?

I’m wondering why all that happened
And all of this mystery
Why am I left here hanging in my car
Your the one that holds the key to me no one else.
And I hope its the same for you.
But I don't know do you.

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You write your emotions in raw form. I like that, it's unpretentious. However, I think your writing could afford a second pass, touch it up, cut out redundancies here, expand an idea there, and fix the spelling. Good start, I like the honesty in your writing.