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That Night-All Mine..
RT (06.09.1973 / India)

That Night-All Mine..

There was a dream
Without colors
Then there was a night
Without sleep
Sleepless and without dreams
Without sighs
Without whispers
That night was all mine

White sheets and soft pillows
And a place for somebody
I am lying down
Reserving the space
My body clean and washed
My body smelling sweet
My fingers securing
The reserved place
That night was all mine

Candles burning
Mixed with incense fragrance
A window half opened
A broken wind tied against my cot
I was waiting for a dream-
Like my love
A book open, hardly read
With red cover and gold letter title
Pages turned without noticing
That night was all mine

Eyes heavy and my heart thudding
Legs tired and my body tensed
Ears sharp waiting for a knock
Fingers shivering to touch
My soul longing to love
I keep waiting till morning
But-that night was all mine...

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