( / Cuttack, Odisha)

That Night Still Lives On......

Winter in the offing
past midnight
myself at a railway station
waiting for the bus
to join my first job after graduation
my mind laden with
hope, anxiety and nostalgia
amidst the hazy future
heard a film song
from a trasistor in a betel shop
it was the magic voice of Lata Mangeshkar
the nightingale of India
it was enough
to create ripples
in the atmosphere
tranquil, dark and cold
I was spellbound
the golden voice took me
to a different world
full of imagination and consolation
the melody lulled me for self-introspection
I forgot myself for a while...
the hypnosis reigned supreme
perhaps I have to live
for this captivating lilt
the song was nearing end
perhaps it was His blessings in disguise
to explore a different phase of life
from student to employee.

by Kishore Kumar Das

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Very nice poem of an important time of life. Thanks for sharing.