EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

That One.

And that smile,
for such a joy i would die.
It lasts a while,
powerful that i can't defy.
Those eyes, for, i fall,
i see in them days to come.
I know my life has a start,
it starts and ends with you.
I know a life for my heart,
and that life is with you..
I never thought to love again,
or to have a place in this life.
I fell in love out of it to remain,
the dead body to be seen alive.
Most words were a like,
they started to look the same.
Nothing around me i like,
that's when i heard that name.
And i saw the smile of that face,
i stood still before those eyes.
An oak tree in it's eternal place,
deliever the sadness my goodbyes.
That smile i shall live for,
the one i love smiled for me.
I'm madly dying for,
being with you in a reverie...

by Eman Awad

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