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That One Guy

Death, always lurking around the corner
Some people want it...some don't
Murderers, rapists making them selves known
Some live...some die
In the dark alley, that one guy
He talks to you and you reply

The one guy approaches...
Calls you over to him
And you come over on a meer whim
Some escape...some are captured
The one guy takes out a knife
And you run for your life
You scream and shout
Some will come running...some will remain still

He muffles your cry
He drags you back
And that one guy...
You cry and plead to him, but no mercy you will gain
That one guy Ties you and restrains you
Some are killed...Some are raped to be slaves

He may stab you, whip you and enslave you
But for those who come running
Are the ones who fight against those murderers rapists
And make the world a better place

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