(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

That One Hat

The best advice I refused to take,
Was to choose one pursuit.
And concentrate on it.
With a doing done to do well.
That a wearing of several hats,
To become a jack of all trades...
Would be a wasting of time,
I would regret one day.

And as I look back,
To have it discovered I have not regrets...
While I reflect upon that 'best advice',
Given to me and I ignored...
So many advancements have been made.
The computer and internet have been introduced.
With a leaving behind those chosing to pursue,
A wearing of that one hat to do.
And bragging to kids what it was they did for years.

~In my day,
I chose to do one thing and one thing only.
To do it to have it done,
With a dedicating my life to do it and for many years.~

'Just a second.
I'm texting to download information to a friend.
We're talking to each other and playing games.
Give me a minute.
We are just about to end.
Excuse me.
I didn't hear a thing you said.
Were you speaking to me? '

I said I was able to wear one hat.
And devoted myself to doing that for many years.~

And you did that to yourself on purpose?
Didn't you have any other interests?
And 'why' would you brag about it? '

~To prove I could...well, uh...
To show...I, uh...~

'Just a sec.
I have a conference call coming in.
And a message to return.
Plus my friend and I,
Are starting to play a new video game.
I know you must be bored.
But I don't have the time for you right now.
I think those people over there are your age.'

~What people? ~

'The ones over there sitting on that bench.
Apparently with time to talk about how things use to be.'

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how things used to be, let us learn at every moment sir. good one.