That One Kiss

With wide open eyes, she looked at me,
And climbing up, upon my knee,
Gave me a kiss, which touched my heart
And launched a pain, as if a dart

by Ernestine Northover Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

Just wonderful! It reminds me of the line 'give me a kiss to build a dream on'. No, we are not old, just eternal souls who have found another kind of lingering love....Karin Anderson
anyone with a heart and a child can relate....
I don't think that your soul is old Ernestine I think that it is ageless and that is why I find this connection with another so beautiful and essential.God Bless you and your family.Love Duncan
Goes to the soul of anyone who has loved a little one... Thank you for sharing this beauty!
Very nice...that kiss just jumps off the page.
Gosh I felt that job! !
This is very sweet Ernestine. So nice. Sincerely, Mary
Nice romantic poem that flows really well.