MK (29-01-1987 / Hoorn/the Netherlands)

That One Star

I was walking
Walking for miles
I was lost without you
I walked and walked
Following a shadow
Your shadow
You were slipping away from me
I started to run
I called out for you
I came nearer
You stopped and turned and looked at me
I startled
My mouth was dry
I couldn’t say anything
Then you turned and ran away from me again
I fell down in the grass
I’m lying here, looking at the sky full of stars
I think back of the way we were
I smile
I think about that one time
that we were lying together in the grass
I held you in my arms
your head rested on my shoulder
and we looked at the stars
Making our wishes on a shooting star
I wished that I would never lose you,
my brightest star in heaven
Now I’m still looking for you,
My only star

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