A Day Thought At Sunset (Sonnet)

Sunset smiles round a peasant strance,

and beautiful colors begird it aesthetic view,

while hornlarks the song bird dances o'er the spot in mass,

oh! To the night hideous shades dost the sunset glue.

This repletion, lustiness and peace must abide,

lapsing days to come in an utmost voices,

sunset stares speaking non but charading exclusite hued on it intent pride,

to such scene my proud ambition turn afar times of crises,

and fearful spirit cascade all varnish into losting fragments,

pressing that intuition unto the heart of nature's tranquil,

i sat with sunset beauties oh! the day's thought shared to the highest contentment,

sighing o'er the fortune that made it unveil,

bliss within my sweet self blesses the day to end,

With sunset intriguing view above, , my heartened thoughts fed.

by Aminat Opatola

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