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That's How Sun Dies
(15 th April 1967 / RANCHI,)

That's How Sun Dies

Poem By Aftab Alam

When all birds flew back to nest, for rest,
Sinking sun into west when floated very fast
Heavy hands and hazy mind when lost its zest,
Then I am quite sure, he is losing vigor bast,

With blurred future and present that pain,
Yet enjoys with the horror of the lovely past,
'What are my loss and what are my gain? '
These thoughts whisper; he is breathing last,

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Comments (15)

Nice work with the muse of nature! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
something lost something gained enjoyed the read
A good life thought poem the poet created and I likes it.
And everything happens for a reason but the reason is still a mystery until it happen. -ging-
What has lost and what has gained that is eternal question and you brightly profoundly projected
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