That's Just The Way It Is

Poem By Angharad Davies

I forget that I have the capacity to feel anything
Then, You
Come silently into view,
You shake me awake.

For convenience sake
We are 'just good friends'
And yet, everyone is predicting the day of our marriage,
the names of our children.

I cant remember how to deal with Love
And those other men think I am a cold Queen
They have not seen me
Ablaze with feelings
Running naked in parks and riversides
With you.

And then you go,
To live other lives with foreign wives
Who love their cold king
And I return to no-feeling.

And that's just the way it is.

Comments about That's Just The Way It Is

A sad tale but well wrote. Ian
Very touching and eloquent. You felt this one very deeply. Regards, Sandra
Lovely poem Angharad - an off-told story I guess and you have written it beautifully, Steve

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