IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

That's Life

Although it took me many years.
I did discover finally
that all my hopes and all my fears
combined together made me, me.

I am the man I am today
because of life experience
There really is no other way you
have to learn in self defence.

You must accept that life’s unfair.
All are not gifted equally
you can observe this everywhere.
But only if you choose to see.

We recognise reluctantly
although we pay lip service to
the idea of equality
It is not and cannot be true.

Fate deals the cards you have to play.
You have no choice but do your best
to move forward- day by day.
To prove your better than the rest.

You grasp each opportunity
To put your talents to good use
but some lack your ability.
What fate decrees they can’t refuse.

All are not gifted equally.
You can’t deny that this is true
if you look at it honestly
and that is all I ask from you.

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A fine poem depicting life as it really is. Ron