That's Living

Maybe you're just bored with me
why dont you want me there
maybe it's because we moved on
i feel like the train has left
and im running along with it
my head hurts and is spinning
you care a lot about me
but do you really know what it is like
to be blamed for things that you have no control over
when you want to help but can't
or are you just so inexperienced
with the problems in life
maybe it's me maybe it's you
the day will go on, we will move on
and life will continue
today's worries will be over before we know it
and we will forgive each other once again
like we always do, like we always will
wont we, will it be like this forever

As our life continues down this rocky road
we will trip sometimes but it will not crack and fade away
we will remain together for as long as we can hold onto one another
maybe we forgive and forget to easy
but we must not be ashamed of the people we love
we should not try to hide away behind our lives
and forget about our problems
everyone has their problems
but everyones problems are different and unique
that's what's great about us
we are the same yet different at the same time
dont worry
that's just it

by Kristen Otto

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