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That's Me
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

That's Me

Poem By connie crane

Like a cloud resting in a valley,
Your glory touches the ground.
As I move through the transparent vapor,
I feel Your glory surround me.

I am suddenly aware of my heart beating,
Of my blood coursing through my veins.
My pulse is keeping rhythm,
with the beat of a Heart much bigger than mine.
And I am Alive! Oh, so ALIVE!
My heart expands to such great proportion,
My mind is completely eclipsed.
The sensation of Your glory so overwhelms me,
My thoughts are not even missed.

Existing in your glory.
Your song keeps repeating this refrain,
To hold on to my life is to lose it,
But to lose it is gain.
Somehow with Your glory all around me,
My fingers loosen their tight hold.
I can gladly give what was never mine,
To the One whose glory I behold.

This life is only the form in which I dwell.
To hold on to it just prolongs my personal hell.
In the midst of Your Glory I can believe,
That this life is not truly me.
I am spirit.
You are Spirit too.
Like a cloud that is part of a cloud,
Is the glory inside of me,
When I am inside of You.
So today I choose to be,
The God inside of me,
While I am inside of God.

Somehow, though You are Spirit,
I can feel Your touch.
Though I see no mouth that is speaking,
I hear your voice,
In the hush,
Of glory hovering near the ground.
You speak of love and wonder.
I feel I could sit and listen forever.

When Your words engulf me,
I don’t just hear them,
I experience them.

Love and wonder are like white and red together.
They manifest a whole new color.
The pink of childhood is the color they create.
I feel like it is all coming back to me,
As their beauty I taste.

“Oh, pink is my favorite color! ” I eagerly state,
“I had pink icing on my birthday cake.
Little girl’s parasols and fuzzy slippers are prettiest in pink.
My favorite princesses always wore pink, I think.”

Ah, the wonder and love of a little girl,
Is the gift Your glory gives to me today.

A little girl dressed in pink,
Brimming with love and wonder,
Walking in a valley,
Filled with Your Glory.

That’s me.

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