That's My Dad!

A quiet man
who does all he can
for his family,
That's my Dad
A gentle soul
who dedicated his whole
life to providing for us,
That's my Dad

A tower of strength
who would go to any length
to ensure we do not want,
That's my Dad
Never says much
but his manner is such
that we heed every word
That's my Dad

A guiding light
teaching us wrong from right
through his words and deeds
That's my Dad
Extraordinarily gentle
not one bit judgemental
yet gets his message across
That's my Dad

A gentle giant
forever reliant
always there for us
That's my Dad
A reassuring voice
a great source of advice
when life proves challenging
That's my Dad

Steady as a rock
when life gives us a knock
always getting us through
That's my Dad
Never thinks twice
is quick to sacrifice
his own needs for ours
That's my Dad

So full of fun
loves to see everyone
making each of us feel special
That's my Dad
Worked hard for all he's got
seems content with his lot
now he has finally retired
That's my Dad

Now a Grandad
at which he isn't half bad
the grandchildren all love him
That's my Dad
Sharing his life
with our Mother, his wife
for so many years
That's my Dad.

Not always appreciated
we often left him frustrated
during our childhood years
That's my Dad.
I can only aspire to be
half as good a Dad as he
there's only one true hero for me
That's my Dad

A fantastic Dad
none better could we have had
we are all so proud to say
That's my Dad
A man I love
and thank God up above
every day for the man
That's my Dad.

by Damian Murphy

Comments (17)

So full of fun loves to see everyone making each of us feel special That's my Dad A nice poem for a nice dad.
Inspiring poem. thank you for sharing. Nhien
Wonderful poem depicting finest bonding between son and father along with the nicest tribute paid to the father. The father too would have been equally proud of his son. Heartiest congratulations for the Poem of the Day.
A wonderful tribute to dad!
A son's love for his Father is beautiful- -a son's admiration for his Father is heart-stirring. And the glory of this is that your wise Father will be a part of your children because he raised you and a part of their children because the boy he raised was their father and their children's children because your children raised by you and your father.... ripples upon ripples.
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