That's My Moment

Poem By Antonio Liao

oh! faith that always come in the midst of nothingness
shower thy blessing to now more of the things my
life needs, you have been in every conscience, reflected
in all hands, seduce in every eyes that tears in thy
most Holy Name, who master the universe through out

look upon me. in the highest echelon I conquer, wondering
in command to the clapping hands of the people who
believe that I am a little god, in the arena of rings and
stage I always stand, my everything brings me to survive
in each gift you give, cheering with out knowing of where
this might be the end, yet! I forget to recess my human
strength who signal and give me the signal that everything
has gone

I shouted when all I see is everybody happy, not I know
I murmur in my heart saying it’s my moment, of where I
fought so hard just to get the Honor and Prestige now
you see, I kept this all through the years, believing that
it would set me free, and I know it’s not that to be easy,
where I we’ll surrender my pride and bravery to myself,
that I am nothing without; the shouting, the cheering, the
clapping of hands and the laughter I used to vouch

my moment has come telling me that, happiness and
the joy welcomes every time, my heart desire, and the love
entangle in distress form always ask what is perfection,
for I always project that my life forward to what I love
to do

as everything has kneel in my face, my strength nerve
to command, asking me to reach of what is the top, the
all memories of where I know that's my moment in time,
just a passing moment.......and I cried

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